Please read this before you purchase this product.

This is NOT a universal USB CD player.

This is NOT a universal USB CD player.


It will only work with cars that have a USB that can resolve WAV files. Not every car with USB can accommodate this file system. 

Is your car on the compatibility list?

We are creating an on-going list of compatible and NON compatible vehicles, click this link to see it.

Please understand that some car models have different head units, for instance (Ford with Navigation Won’t work) and some ford radios in different model years are not the same, so look carefully at the list before ordering.

If your car is not on the list please call us 01368 860800 and we will try to find out if it is compatible.

Just because you have, say a Honda and there is a Honda model on the list, it does not mean it will definitely work in your model. Please check with us first.

Once you receive the CD player, please keep the box and packing in case you need to return it later.

Installation could not be simpler. Insert the USB plug into the cars socket, navigate on the radio to USB input, insert a disc (the right way up. It will spit it out if upside down) and WAIT for the software to boot-up. IT IS NOT INSTANT. The 2.5 ft USB lead on the device cannot be extended.


Many modern vehicles have multiple USB points, not all of which are connected to the radio (some just for charging) The CD player MUST be connected to a USB port that is connected to the radio.

It will NOT display track information on your radio screen. You can use the radio and steering wheel controls to change tracks etc.

The dimensions of the player are clearly marked on the sales page. It comes with a mounting bracket but can be mounted at any angle using Velcro or popped in a glove compartment.

If you need to return the item, please use it's enclosed return form and send it back exactly as you got it. Failure to use the return form may delay your refund. (We have received units back with no buyer information).

We have had returns with comments like: It doesn’t display the tracks, it doesn’t fit my car (too big!), It takes a few seconds to load, The USB lead is too short.

I hope you will ONLY order if you have read and understood the above.


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